Portrait of the artist with Goggles Pizano

About Ed

Ed Hellman hails from Baltimore, Maryland. He holds a BFA from Bard College and an MPS from the School of Visual Arts. He works as a freelance Director and 1st AD in New York, and has directed commercials, music videos, web-series, short films, and the occasional feature. He has been making films since the fourth grade, often investigating the themes of identity, gender, sight, and miscommunication. Ed's work typically features contrasting darkness with bright pops of color, creating imagery that is equally sinister and playful.

Ed won the Adolfas Mekas Award for Scriptwriting in 2006 for his feature film, Elephant in Love, starring Blue Ruin actor, Kevin Kolack. Ed's short, Retire for the Evening, won Runner-Up Best Picture at its premiere festival in 2013, and has screened in over 18 cities, including Los Angeles, Manhattan, London, and the region of Transylvania. Its most notable screening was at the Oscar-qualifying Atlanta Film Festival.

Ed's follow up short film, Dime Crimes #34, marked his second collaboration with Directing Hall of Famer Bob Giraldi of Giraldi Media, and was executive produced by the Emmy-Nominated, Tony Award-Winning Actor, John Benjamin Hickey. It is enjoying its run in the festival circuit, having screened in 13 festivals so far and received 4 gold medal awards at its premiere festival.

While focusing on commercial and music video directing, Ed is in production on a web-series, The Plight of Cecil, with Rock n' Roll Ventriloquist, Carla Rhodes. It is Executive Produced by Mallory Lewis, daughter of the late, great, Sheri Lewis.

Ed frequently teams  with Jeff Nash NYC. Their upcoming music video for Rock Candy Zoo marks their 34th collaboration.

He lives with his psychotherapist wife, Andrea, and their two hairless cats in New York.