The Crewcut Butlers Official Music Video - "QC Rap and Tap"

Directed by Ed Hellman

Cinematography by Jeff Nash

Starring Natalie Cuomo, with Armando Gonzales & Viva Soudan

"QC Rap and Tap" song written, mixed, and backing track performed by Mickey Freeland

"QC Rap and Tap" vocals performed by Natalie Cuomo

Production Designer Victoria Aguila

Gaffer Jonathan Bleibdrey

Makeup Artist Alyssa Bono

Wardrobe Assistant/PA Jennifer Bleibdrey

Choreography by Viva Soudan & Louis Chavez

Edited by Jeff Nash & Ed Hellman

Color by HTS

Produced by Flying Pygmalion Films

Copyright 2016 Ed Hellman/Flying Pygmalion Films

This video was not commissioned by Queens Comfort ( It is a love letter to them by the Crewcut Butlers.